Once upon an island

I'm adopted from Sri Lanka by Finnish parents, growing up in Sweden and through time I learned to embrace the mix of everything I am, all rolled into one.

Designing for good

Born with a muscular disability as CMT has taught me to solve obstacles in different ways, and I don't think I would've been who I am without it. 

I want to be part of designing usable products for people that creates joyful and meaningful experiences. I believe it's important to design inclusive and make the world more accessible for people.

I ♥ Stories

One of the best things I know is listening to people's stories and getting to travel through time. I've puzzled together my family history thanks to my grandmother and especially my father who loves to tell stories of his younger adventures, much like Moominpappa.

Non linear

My journey, like any design process, hasn't been linear at all. I worked with everything from service, sales exhibitions, B2B, prepress, and graphic design. Looking back I can see how all of my experiences have led me to the exciting world of UX - People, Technique, and Design. 

As a kid, I did portraits in Paint, which my friend and I put together in PowerPoint and pretended to have our own newspaper.

I've always been a curious and imaginary problem detector looking for optimizing solutions. I remember making drawings in my spare time to solve how people would not collide at crowded pedestrian crossings in elementary school.

Starting my small side business

2021 I started to sell my illustrations, graphic design an photography

online through Nurinkurin which was also the name of my company. 

In Finnish, nurinkurin means a bit upside down, which I like to see as a reference for looking at things from different perspectives.

Always hungry to learn more

As a student of Culture, Society, and Media Production at the university, I loved visual culture studies, especially those relating to human-machine interaction.

A few years later my interest in design and technique took me on the path of packaging and I learned about sustainability, material, printing, design, and construction.

2020 was the year I opened my eyes to the beautiful world of UX. The more I learned the more I was convinced that I finally found my field.

I completed CareerFoundry's 400h+ UX Program in 2021/2022, specializing in UI, and today I continue to grow as a UX/UI designer at StickerApp.